1. This form must only be used by the developer to contact the VEL team to notify of vulnerabiltiy updates. Any other contact may be ignored.
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    Please note that we require you to place a clearly visible security release notice on your site as a condition for marking the issue as resolved. This can be on a product landing page, in your support forum or in a blog/news article, but it must make clear to your users that they need to update the extension for security reasons.
  10. Changelog Url
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  11. Download url (*)
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    Please provide a URL where the VEL team can download a new copy of the extension without registration or payment. This does not need to be a public URL. If this is a commercial extension, it can be a temporary link which you can remove once we have downloaded it. A general link to your product landing page is not acceptable. Failure to provide this will delay marking your extension as resolved
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  13. Incomplete or incorrectly filled out forms will delay or fail to resolve your vel issue. If you have not already done so, please start a ticket at the JED.